Friday, February 3, 2012

Nanuchka (28 Lilenblum Street) - A Tel Aviv Paradise Everyone Should Experience

If you ever find yourself in southern Tel Aviv and in need of a place to eat, drink or be merry (or combine all three), you should venture to the well known Georgian restaurant, Nanuchka. A well known place for both traveling socialites and local good looking Israelis, the vintage and dim-lit venue is the perfect spot for a tantalizing meal. Not up for a full course meal? Not a problem. Enjoy the scenery at the bar along with a tasty and strong cocktail of Georgian liquors mixed with fresh Israeli fruits (I recommend the pomegranate vodka drink - they will know what you are talking about).

The food is authentic Georgian style with a plethora of dumplings, exotic salads, meat and fish dishes. The meat khinkali dumplings are one the restaurants staples along with the chicken satsivi, a wonderful pungent sourish dish that will enlighten your taste buds. Finish off the meal with a large selection of sorbets, cakes and our favorite, the white chocolate mouse served with fresh Israeli berries.

A reservation a day or two in advance is always suggested as the place gets crowded quite early. The best move is an extended Thursday night dinner upstairs. Take your time with the food and initial drinks, and then work your way downstairs to the bar to party. Your ears will be filled with authentic Georgian music, often performed live, or the hottest reggae, hip-hop that will make your feet and tush sway to the beat.

Looking for love or just a fling? Youngsters stay at home as the bar scene often flaunts some of the sexiest and stylish middle-aged men and women in Tel Aviv. If you don't mind tight places where you are surrounded with fun people who are more than willing to dance on the bar, regardless of their age, this is the place to be.

In need of a date spot? Nanuchka has plenty of romantic alcoves to tuck into with your lover and enjoy the atmosphere. In a country where people are far from shy, don't be surprised to be surrounded by lovers of all ages, never hesitant to flaunt their affection.

Nanuchka has been and will always continue to be one of the best restaurants and bars in all of Tel Aviv. Whether it's the first stop before a night on the vibrant town, or an entire evening complete with delicious eats and enchanting drinks, make sure this hot spot is on your itinerary of things to do while you are in Israel.

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